The Gold Guys Present: Training Tuesday, Taper Edition!

This is the second installment of The Gold Guys new feature ‘Training Tuesday’. It is race week for Ironman Chattanooga. I am in the midst of tapering and also sorting out all my race details before starting the road trip Wednesday. Since I’ve had such a sparse summer due to my heel bruise I haven’t even broken in my new Gear West Bike tri suit. To make sure it is race ready I committed a Cardinal sin and did a ride in it. Riding twenty minutes around Minneapolis in a tri suit makes you feel silly. Thankfully the suit is fine and no one gave me a hard time. The shop went with a Castelli suit and it looks sharp, plus the black, red and white happens to match my PRsix. Not a bad coincidence. I think that is called sponsor synergy.

Taper Tuesday:

-Wake up, banana, cup of Peace Coffee Birchwood Blend

-Easy aerobic run with Thea. Very comfortable, felt great. 7.3 miles.

-Breakfast, another cup of coffee

-Quick swim at the YWCA. 10 minutes straight freestyle and about 8 minutes backstroke. Maybe 1000-1200 yards. Didn’t count.


-Lunch, more coffee

-Quick ride in new GW tri suit. Maybe 20 minutes and 5ish miles. As with swim, no measure of time or distance.

That’s it! Since my buildup for Ironman Chattanooga wasn’t particularly long I’m only really ‘tapering’ this week and trained fairly normal through the end of last week.

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