The Gold Guys Present: Training Tuesday: Recovery Edition

The Gold Guys didn’t want the Training Tuesday feature to be all about showing off big training days. So last week you got to see a ‘Taper Tuesday’ and this week a ‘Recovery Tuesday’.

Training today was:

20 ish minute easy swim / aqua jog. I went back and forth in a hotel pool. To move the legs I did a tiny bit of kicking and also some aqua jogging. Followed this with a nice sit in the whirlpool.

Beyond that one thing I’m trying this time around is cold/hot/cold. I’ve taken several lengthy showers with several minutes of cold water, several minutes of hot water, several minutes of cold water. Ideally I’d be jumping back and forth between ice bath and hot tub but that obviously isn’t practical. Not sure how I’d rate the efficacy of this method yet. I am not feeling too terrible BUT I didn’t incur as much damage during the race since I went so slow. I’ll report more on this in a week.

I am interested to see how long recovery takes. I want a ballpark notion of how long it takes after IM before I can train normally. Knowing this will help me to plan out seasons.

More on Ironman Chattanooga itself tomorrow.


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