The Gold Guys Present: Training Tuesday: Transition Week

Last week I took it easy to recover from Ironman Chattanooga. I feel more or less normal this week and am getting back into a training routine but not going full gas yet. I’m calling it a transition week. Would I feel this normal if I had run faster at Chattanooga? Probably not. The upside of blowing up is you’re not as beat up. Unrelated, the weather here has taken a turn and it’s gotten pretty brisk outside. I’m anticipating quite a bit of trainer riding preparing for Ironman Arizona.

Transition Week Tuesday:

Bike: 3hrs on the trainer. 15 min wu, 4x (15 min steady / 1 min big gear / 4 min ez) 30 min steady, 5 min ez, 20 min steady, 10 min ez. Netflix selection: Skyfall the first half and the end of Tombstone the second half. Given what happened at Chattanooga I am very focused on getting the right number of calories per hour on the bike. Had a bottle of thickly mixed Gatorade each hour, a gel each hour, and a banana at the end of hours 1 and 2. This was enough for a 3 hour ride but I will probably need more for longer rides. One upside of indoor rides is that managing your calories and fluids is much simpler.


The Gold Guys Training Chamber. Aka the basement.

Run: 10 minutes light after the ride with Teddy. Teddy was pretty well behaved.

Swim: 25ish minutes and 1200ish yards. All pretty easy. 100 band. Some backstroke. My stroke is feeling great right now. Last Friday I had a great set of 300s, 200s and 100s and managed to swim my second best 200 ever. This Monday I had another great practice and swam a good 1000 and a very good 500.

Hot tub: Every easy swim I do at the gym I follow with a hot tub session. I was in a whirlpool every day Monday through Thursday after Ironman. Not sure how much it contributed to recovery but it felt good.

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One Response to The Gold Guys Present: Training Tuesday: Transition Week

  1. Bees says:

    I’m pretty sure I have nothing of value to contribute to your training, except perhaps this: If you’re into movies on the trainer they are now making projectors that can put up a decent picture on a normal wall from a distance of less than two feet. Look for the ones designed for business presentations instead of the more expensive home movie ones. And since you deliver 100’s of powerpoint presentations each year to prospective athletes don’t forget to deduct it on your taxes.

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