The Gold Guys Present: Training Tuesday

Following my easy week and transition week I’m getting back to work this week. I’ve got a few good weeks of training then Ironman Arizona. For a couple random reasons I rode inside again this week.

Bike: 4.5 hours. 30 min wu, 8×25 min steady / 5 min ez. Entertainment: listened to the Neal Brennan episode of the Joe Rogan experience which was super long but oddly kept my interest for the ride, watched on Netflix the end of “The Suspect” (very good action movie, 5 stars) and “Rising From the Ashes” about building a cycling program in Rwanda. Snacks: tried something new. My cyclist buddy Matt Hoffman told me he eats salted avacado straight during extremely long rides. I love avacado and I love salty food during rides rather than pure sugary stuff and I wanted to try having something with fat. Made avacado rolls with regular old white bread wrapped around 1/4 an avacado cut up, salted to taste. I had one of these rolls, one bottle of gatorade, one packet of fruit snacks (out of actual gels so I use generic fruit snacks) and a little water each hour for 440 calories. Worked great and energy was stable. Felt good on the run after so I’m definitely going to keep trying the avacado rolls. I’m going to try 500 calories per hour next week to see how that goes for my gut.

Run: Just over two miles off the bike with Teddy. Teddy is getting better at running, his general pattern is to get super excited right out of the gate and pull for about a mile then he gets tired and drags behind for the rest of the run. Puppies pace poorly.

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One Response to The Gold Guys Present: Training Tuesday

  1. When in Rome... says:

    How does one eat salted avocado straight while cycling? Guacamole in a squeeze bottle? Sounds very appropriate for Arizona. For Mediterranean races, perhaps it would be prudent to sew an ammo belt into your bib shorts and load it with stuffed grape leaves. Then stick baklava to the top tube with honey to taste. For Pacific races, California rolls in a bento box, naturally.

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