The Gold Guys Present: Training Tuesday

I’ve become very cranky about riding outside recently and only want to ride starting from prime locations. Right now that means either from West of town heading to Watertown then through Carver county or leaving from Prescott. This Tuesday I headed out to Gear West to start from the shop.

Bike: 4hrs, 83 miles. All steady. Pretty windy so there were some very fast sections and some some less fast sections. Still dabbling with my avocado sandwich strategy. The most exhausting thing about riding into wind is all the noise. So loud.

Run: 20 minutes easy

After this week, two more weeks of training then race week. Next week will be lighter as I’m going to work for Endurance Sports Travel at Ironman Florida. One of my athletes is racing so it will be nice to see her in action. Another one of my athletes is volunteering and he happens to be having a birthday party down there so that will also be nice. My belligerent Badger bud Tommy Gerlach is racing and I look forward to his 4:10 bike split. Not sure if Starky is gunning for another sub 8 and bike split world record but I sure hope so. Would love to see the first official sub 4 hour bike split in person!

I struggled with the decision to work that week since it will prevent me from doing all the training I want to do. Possibly compromise my performance at Arizona but earn some money or earn no money and feel more confident about my training? When you start thinking these things through it can be depressing. Why not do everything possible to set up my performance? Well, honestly there is no money on the line for me at Arizona. The last check in 2013 went to an 8:18. 9th place and zero dollars went to an 8:19. I’m not going to go that fast in three weeks. No shot at money? Why even race as a professional??? It is easy to start thinking dark thoughts.

I snapped myself out of it and decided to work Florida. Working these weekends has always been a very positive experience. I get to meet new folks and help them through a hectic weekend. I get to be around an Ironman, which is fun and great fodder for twitter. I get to hang around the QR tent a little bit. All good things. So if you’re in Florida I will see you there.

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