The Gold Guys Present: Three Training Tuesdays

The Gold Guys are extremely proud to bring you three Tuesdays of training!

Two Tuesdays Ago: 

Bike: 4:40 as 30 min wu, 8×25 min steady / 5 min ez, 10 min ez

Run: 45 min off ride, felt great and picked up progressively finishing very strong, first 3 miles with Teddy, last few miles solo.

Last Tuesday:

Swim: short and easy, 15-20 minutes

Hot Tub: 10 min

Bike: 4:30 as 30 min wu, 7×25 min steady / 5 min ez, 30 min ez. Legs got tired and couldn’t do another steady but was able to keep riding easy to get to four and a half hours.

Run: 20 minutes steady off the bike with Teddy

This Tuesday, Taper Tuesday!

Run: 35 min slipping and sliding through tundra conditions with Thea

Bike: 1 hour as 20 min wu, 20 min steady, 5 min ez, 5 min strong, 10 min ez cd.

Swim: 10ish min easy

Hot Tub: 10-15 min

Entertainment notes: Almost all ESPN 30 for 30s are great during trainer rides. Just saw one called “This is what they want” about Jimmy Connors who was quite a showman in pro tennis. I love the colorful characters in pro sports. Watched The Hunger Games, the second one. That was good. The Quick and the Dead is great, have watched that a couple times. Saw an old Arnold movie Total Recall and it was complete garbage. Saw most of Django Unchained. Rewatched The Chronicles of Riddick even though it’s pretty stupid. Rewatched Star Trek Into Darkness, very good. Rewatched Serentity which I really like. The 30 for 30 “Slaying the badger” about Greg Lemond was pretty interesting, egos galore! Basically I’ve watched and rewatched an odd assortment of junk over the last month. Thanks Netflix streaming!

I fly to Arizona Thursday. There will DEFINITELY be an opportunity for you to meet and greet with me, your number one most favorite spokesmodel. The place will be the QR booth at the expo. The time will be determined soon and broadcast via twitter and facebook. Plan accordingly.

As I rest up for the race this week I am formulating my goals and getting into the right mindset. Tomorrow I make one last trip to Gear West Bike for Gels and other snacks then I pack up the PRsix. AND YES I AM BRINGING LOTS OF PEACE COFFEE TO GIVE YOU so if you want coffee you really do have to come see me at the QR booth. Now that is what I call seamless sponsor plugs! Game time soon!

The Gold Guys are still deciding if they want to send a full camera crew down for live race day coverage so stay tuned for that decision. If not, I will send out a flurry of informative tweets after the race.

See you in the desert!

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