Perfect Holiday Gift Sponsortunity

What is a Sponsortunity? An opportunity to get sponsored.

What is a gift? In this case a bag of precious, precious beans. Peace Coffee beans.

It is that time of year. You are in dire need of something special to give to a loved one. Is the perfect holiday gift for this loved one a bag of Peace Coffee?

Here is a helpful guide. Peace Coffee may be the perfect gift for:

-Coffee drinkers

-Caffeine addicts

-Someone sleepy

-A coffee snob

-Someone who only drinks fair trade and organic coffee

-Someone who loves local companies

-Your mom

This Sponsortunity is open to all Twin Cities residents. The best part is that you just have to send in a tweet to be considered. Worthy submissions will be able to give the gift of a lifetime! Send in your tweets NOW!

Your tweet should read as follows:

@dpalmertri I want to give the gift of @Peace_Coffee to my ________(relation to loved one) because ___ (he/she/they/it) is ____, _____ & _____ . (descriptions of how great they are, alliteration counts on these three words, also humor and honesty are weighed heavily) #giftsponsortunity

A completed example is below (note that I am self employed):

@dpalmertri I want to give the gift of @Peace_Coffee to my boss because he is handsome, humorous & helpful. #giftsponsortunity

Send in your tweets. How many #sponsortunities are there? Many. When will you get the coffee for your loved one? Soon. Do you have to tweet a photo of the loved one bursting with joy when the get the beans? Please do. I am delivering the coffee myself and I don’t like driving that far. Judgement of worthiness will be arbitrary and capricious and if you don’t think that’s fair you’ve already lost and are a loser. Unrelated to this promotion, if you work at a local small business and think you deserve to have some Peace Coffee around to keep everyone working hard we can arrange that. You can always email me at

What if you don’t have twitter? Well you’re reading a blog so you have internet access. Step 1: start a twitter account. Step 2: follow @dpalmertri and @Peace_Coffee. Step 3 send in the necessary tweet.


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