I am very excited to announce that for the 2015 triathlon season I will be taking a big step forward and racing as an amateur! This is a huge move and a major decision and something that I am confident will impact the sporting world from top to bottom. I am leaving behind the rough and tumble rodeo of professional racing for the glitz and glamor of amateurism. Am I ready to race in the big leagues? After spending five years developing in the salt mines of pro racing I know I am crusty enough to finally bark with any of the big dog age groupers out there. Why make the leap now? It’s my time.

How does this affect you, an avid blog reader? Well let’s break down some frequently asked questions.

Will you still do triathlons? Yes. Still training, still racing. My best is yet to come in Ironman and I have several goals left to accomplish. In 2015 I will race one or two Ironmans and many of Minnesota’s fantastic events.

Will you still coach triathletes? Yes, I will still tell my athletes what to do and I can even take on a few more for 2015.

Will you still write brief but entertaining blog posts here on this site? Yes. I will continue to write posts with the intent to amuse you for roughly the duration of one bathroom visit.

Will you still send out high quality tweets? Yes. My tweets have always been strong and they get better every day. @dpalmertri

Will racing amateur affect your ability to post pictures of Teddy on Instagram? No, I will still post pictures of Teddy on Instagram. @dpalmertri

Will you still be a spokesmodel at the professional level? Yes, spokesmodeling will always be a part of my life and I am excited to continue being the handsome, well-spoken face of brands such as Gear West Bike, Peace Coffee, The Gold Guys and QR. If your company could use my special style of representation don’t hesitate to contact me.

Will you venture into any new areas of triathlon? Great question, yes! I am going to do a little race announcing in 2015. I announced the inaugural Hopkins Royal Tri last year and this very weekend I’m announcing the YWCA indoor triathlon. If your Minnesota triathlon needs extra commentary that is classy, colorful and never crass, contact me forthwith.

Will you write a couple posts explaining the decision to step up to amateur racing? Yes there are several factors that played into this decision and I will write about them.

So that’s the big news. Wish me luck as I try to play the game at the next level!

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7 Responses to GOING AMATEUR

  1. Well, good luck getting registered as amateur on those couple IM you plan on doing this year.

  2. nicole says:

    Would love to share your future blogs posts about your decision to turn amateur on my blog. Email me if u are intetested. Will have links pointing back to your blog and twitter!!!

  3. Mike Abegg says:

    Just remember…ride right, pass left! (No more Stagger)

  4. Amy B says:

    wow! big news indeed! I’ll be at the Y tri this weekend and will congratulate you in person.

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