Weekend Notes

It’s feeling like spring here in Minnesota, so the trails around the city are hustling and bustling with people who just remembered about the outdoors. The ‘hibernators’ are awaking from their indoor slumbers! Welcome back. Some of us who run outside year round have a touch of attitude about hibernators. I wish we didn’t have this attitude, but we do. That said, I’ve been grinding it out on my QR PRsix in the basement nonstop without riding outside since November. Hoping to venture out for an actual bike ride in the next few days.

Here are a couple quick things to know:

-I’m announcing at the YWCA Indoor Triathlon Sunday! Should be a good time. My Best Friend Forever For Now Steven Stenzel is having himself a duel with Lisa Lendway and I look forward to Steven’s superb performance.  Steven is an inspiration.

-Cam Brown won Ironman New Zealand for the 11th time. Eleven wins at his home race! That’s over a decade of Ironman titles! He’s forty two and he beat superstar Terenzo Bozzone who is right in his prime years! I love that salty old dogs can get it done in Ironman. Speaking of salty old dogs, Ken Glah won his age group at IMNZ to get his slot for his 32nd consecutive Kona. 32 two years in a row racing Kona! That’s four years longer then I’ve been alive! I gotta learn some of this hardiness from Ken and toughen up in my own Ironman racing.

-The World Triathlon Series just kicked off in Abu Dhabi and US women were superb. They took 1st, 2nd, 6th, 9th, 10th. That’s five athletes racing at the top level of the most competitive triathlon series. Wow. I think we Americans can be pretty confident going into the Olympics next year. Meanwhile, our men outdid themselves to place 26th and 57th. Our women win whilst our men participate. Just don’t call 26th place a ‘sorry performance’, that athlete happens to be supremely sensitive.

-My schedule on this site is mostly up to date. I’ve included all events, racing, participating, announcing, working social media, and the weeks I’ll be working with Endurance Sports Travel. A few things are pending and will be up soon, most notably the race where Steve and Jeremy and I will reunite for the Best Friends Relay. Will we be the first ever relay at the Hawaiian Ironman?! STAY TUNED.

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