New Weekend Notes

Birthday Bike: QR, perhaps the most caring company in triathlon, sent me a bike for my birthday this week! Wednesday I stopped by Gear West Bike to pick up the greatest birthday present of all time. I’m going to be riding a Litespeed T3 titanium road bike all around town very soon (as soon as I get it built up). What is Litespeed? It’s QR. Same company, American Bicycle Group. I plastered lovely photos of the frame all my social media, especially instagram, so go look at them there. If you want a titanium bike for your birthday I strongly advise you to start working with QR.

Intersport Bullying: On my long run this weekend I was the victim of vicious intersport bullying. The leader of a gang of slender runners ruthlessly called out to me “WHERE’S YOUR SPANDEX, NERD!!!!”. I was flustered, furious and deeply hurt. Triathletes have been persecuted for too long. Unrelated, the miscreant who said that hurtful thing to me is hosting a Triathlon 101 evening at his run shop Mill City Running. Myself and two other guests will present all the basic info you need to get started in triathlon. If you know someone who is eager to get into the sport in 2015 please let them know about this event. Tuesday March 24th at 7:30 at Mill City Running. Please remember I am NOT a nerd.

Tri Expo: If you miss me at the Tuesday Talk about Triathlon at Mill City March 24, you can catch me at Gear West Bike’s Tri Expo April 18th and 19th. Gear West Bike is hosting tons of industry reps and race directors and several group workouts. It will be a fun chance to try some new gear, get a deal or two, and mix and mingle with local celebrity spokesmodels.

Holy Moly: There was a shooting in San Juan and it happened close to the 70.3 event. Apparently two athletes on the bike course were hit and hurt. I’ve heard of several unfortunate accidents during races but a shooting is insane to even think about. I’m sure more information will come out soon. Will this incident be the end of that event?

Riding Season: In Minnesota we have had a very pleasant hot flash for the last week. I got to ride outside in the sun every day! Just magnificent. A nice kick start to our riding season. It’s barely mid March so we may get snow again but for now I’m focusing on the positive and pretending it is going to be nice non stop for the rest of the year. Spring break staycation!

Steven Stenzel: As you know Steven Stenzel is my Best Friend Forever For Now and you also know he won a challenge at the YWCA Indoor Tri last weekend against Lisa Lendaway. It was a fierce battle. They swam 600, biked 12 miles, and ran a 5k on the indoor track. Seeing Steve in action reminded me of a Panther hunting it’s prey. He is a smooth and ferocious and very gifted natural athlete, like the Panther. Information is emerging about their race, however. It would seem Steven, and I stand beside him through thick and thin regardless of the scandals he immerses himself in, ALLEGEDLY may have swum 550 yards instead of 600. Yes, he ALLEGEDLY cut off a 50. This is shocking. An investigative committee is already looking into the controversial case. I’m withholding judgement until I have all the information and once I do my judgement will still be in favor of Steven, for friendship reasons. I think that is how our justice system works here in the US. Anyways please stay tuned for more information about #skippeda50gate.

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